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Total 1, 050 000 pieces. Origin:
European Union.
The size is 4x1250x2000/62 300 pieces. Origin: European Union.
We are dealing with trading and recycling of polymers from 10 years with our second subsidiary company.
We buy/sell virgin and recycled material.

We have in stock 238000 fabric canvas/sailcloth. Origin: European Union/BULGARIA.
Quantity - 4,500 pieces. Origin: European Union.
Quantity - 5,000. Origin: European Union.

Astarty is a company that deals with the sale of various industrial and other products and rapidly growing field of trade.

Its employees are young and ambitious people who work for a successful business and creating lasting relationships.

Astarty is a company that works in the field of trade. Engaged in commercial activities worldwide. Its main activity is the sale of categories to industrial and other goods.

Our export company: TURBO 500 Ltd
VAT is BG203707794
EORI number is  BG203707794ZZZZO


вълнени халати Woolen robes
Quantity - 15,000 pieces. State of Origin - EU.